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Kelli is originally from Schaumburg, IL. But, she grew up in Spring Grove, IL. She recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Kelli studied and completed a Bachelors Degree in Human Resources Management. Kelli is excited about all of the travel opportunities that Five 4 Zero brings as well as all of the connections that are made within the industry. She has made lifetime friends and colleagues throughout the country while working at Five 4 Zero, connections from Arizona, New York, and even Florida. You can always find her hanging out with her friends, going to the gym, or traveling to other cities. She loves to gain new experiences and to meet new people. Kelli's previous experiences and roles helped her grow to who she is today. She has learned several HR functions which include compensation, payroll, benefits, staffing, as well as training and development. 



Darrin, “Team Shake & Bake,” Sowinski is originally from Milwaukee and grew up in New Berlin, Wisconsin. In 2013, he was a State Champion in baseball at New Berlin West. Darrin graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a BBA in Finance. After working in the construction industry for a while, Darrin decided he wanted to get into the business world and joined the Five 4 Zero team. He is most excited about coaching and developing others, and helping the organization with market expansion. Outside of work, you can find Darrin frisbee golfing, playing Pokémon on Gameboy, and going to Brewers games.



LeVar Wilson, Jr. didn’t name himself. A Milwaukee native, he grew up playing basketball and dancing on hip-hop teams. Currently, he is studying Business Marketing at The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Levar joined the Five 4 Zero team after leaving a factory job that made him feel stagnant. He is excited about the opportunities to grow professionally at Five 4 Zero. Outside of work he enjoys playing basketball and dancing! He’s currently on two hip-hop dance teams and also directs a third!



James Rodgers, also known as “Jaws,” was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. James is a sports fan, ramen eater, music listener, and loves hanging out with friends. After high school, he went active duty with the Air Force, where he was recognized as Airman of the Quarter. When he returned, he was looking for a company where he could continue being a leader and where he could accomplish some of his biggest goals. James loves the fast-paced work environment and the opportunities for upward mobility and professional growth that the company provides.



Danny is born and raised in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. He graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Communication, with a video emphasis. At Five 4 Zero, Danny values the team-based work environment and the relationships he has built. He is excited about keeping his coworkers as friends for life. He knows they have his back and he has theirs. He also loves making money and creating lots of competition at the office. Outside of work, Danny obsesses over sports, particularly the Packers, Brewers, and Bucks. He also loves video games, drinking beer, and learning about sales and the art of selling. He wants to continue to travel around the nation perfecting his craft, and aiding in market expansion as the organization grows.



Commonly called “ Jojo” in the office, Jeremiah is from Ludowici, Georgia. He grew up in different parts of the world as his father was in the military; they moved around about every two years. After high school, Jeremiah decided to study psychology because he enjoys the process of trying to understand people. Jeremiah got tired of living in Georgia and seeking out a college degree purely for the wants of his parents, so he picked a random city, which happened to be Milwaukee, and set out on a new adventure. At Five 4 Zero, he loves that he is able to support others while growing professionally himself. Outside of work, Jeremiah likes to play video games, workout, write poetry and play chess.